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Globally, nearly three billion people use polluting, inefficient stoves or open flames to cook their food. Exposure to cooking fire smoke kills approximately two million people worldwide every year.

In Guatemala, as in many other countries, breathing in the toxic fumes while preparing tortillas and frijoles puts Mayan women and children at risk for respiratory illnesses, blindness and burns on a daily basis.  It is estimated that 77% of Guatemalan families use wood as their main fuel source. 2% of Guatemala’s forests are lost annually, mainly due to the need for fuel for cooking fires.  Precious family resources and time are spent on          gathering or purchasing wood.

The Guatemala Stove Project (GSP) helps alleviate these problems by building vented stoves that are adapted to Mayan cooking methods.  These stoves are made of cement blocks on the outside and fire-bricks inside, filled with sand and pumice for insulation and held together by mortar.  The design of the firebox can reduce wood consumption and pollution by about 50%. The ‘plancha’ or stove-top is made of shiny, bright steel.  The crowning glory of this kitchen appliance is the galvanized chimney pipe that takes the poisonous smoke out of the house.  It is an ‘improved cooking stove’ and while most of us would find it rudimentary, Mayan women much prefer it to cooking on the floor over an open fire.

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2 months ago
Undercooked: An Expensive Push to Save Lives and Protect the Planet Falls Short — ProPublica

Food for thought.

Millions of lives were at stake. Hillary Clinton was on board. Money poured in. And yet the big aims behind an effort to tackle the plague of third-world cooking fires has produced only modest gains.

2 months ago

We’re at the Stewart Park Festival in Perth all weekend. Come by and say hello to our wonderful volunteers!

3 months ago
Guatemala Stove Project - Canada

Wealth is not only having more then you need but having the opportunity to share with people who have less

4 months ago

Next Perth Volunteer Meeting - All welcome!
Monday May 14th , 6:30pm at Coutts Coffee 57 Gore St. E. in Perth.

4 months ago
Photos from Guatemala Stove Project - Canada's post

Volunteers had a productive day prepping food at PICNIC cafe for the Mother of A Dinner. For those of you lucky enough to have a ticket you'll get to taste all this on Saturday! We are SOLD OUT!

5 months ago

Syrians helping Guatemalans, going to be a great dinner!

5 months ago

Do you have your tickets reserved?

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Next Perth Volunteer Meeting - All welcome!
Monday April 9th , 6:30pm at Coutts Coffee 57 Gore St. E. in Perth

6 months ago

Perth volunteer meeting this Monday March 5, 6:30 pm at Coutts Coffee 57 Gore St. E - all welcome.

7 months ago

Santa Maria today while documenting stoves en la falda de la montaña (in the skirt of the mountain)