GSP Lunch Meeting and February 2014 Trip Report

GSP Lunch Meeting and February 2014 Trip Report
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Guatemala Stove Project Ottawa Volunteer Meeting – Saturday April 15, 12 noon at 6B Castlebrook Lane, Nepean.

Lunch provided – contributions of $10 per person appreciated.

Parking in the condo complex is limited – extra parking available across the road at Chrysalis Way or 117 Centrepointe Dr. (look for the Royal Oak or Royal Bank)

All are welcome – please join us to find out more about our work and how you can get involved – RSVP appreciated if you can come.

1. Meet, Greet and Eat – Lunch provided

2. Upcoming Events:
Living Green Expo Sign-up – postponed until April 2015 – to find out more about this event.

Visit of Ruben Feliciano, coordinator of AMMID organization (one of our Guatemalan partners) Ruben will be visiting Ottawa, April 26 – 29. We are looking for ideas for a get-together/possible fundraiser on Sunday, April 27.

3. Discussion of further ideas for volunteer involvement, fundraising opportunities such as volunteer house parties, sourcing of foundation funding, tech savy volunteers, etc.

4. GSP business plan – Jim Nuyens

5. February 2014 Volunteer Trip Report – Ken, Janet, Liz and Karen + Perth volunteers.
See some highlights below.

6. Other.

7. Next Meeting: May?
Volunteers Liz Ballantyne-Jackson, Terri Henderson, Guatemalan mason Don Jose Hernandez and family members upon completion of one of the first stoves of the 2014 Trip. Ask us about this trip of a lifetime and how you can get involved!

15 year old Noelia Perez Coronado’s family received a GSP micro loan in December 2013 to purchase livestock. Find out more about how micro loans can be an important part of sustainable development for rural families.
Six students in the Municipality of Comitancillo, San Marcos are now receiving GSP educational scholarships to stay in school. (seen here with Ken, Jovita,Karen and Janet) All 6 girls started their first year of “ciclo basico” or junior high school in January, 2014. We learned a lot about the educational system in Guatemala during our trip. Find out more about how you can help some special students.

GSP Volunteers Jim, Karen and April at the 2013 Living Green Expo.
Are you available to help at the 2014 Living Green Expo?
Contact Liz if you can volunteer for a morning or afternoon shift on April 12 or 13.
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