Perth Minutes October 21, 2016


October 21, 2016


Tom Clarke, Phill Brackenbury, Paul Hauraney (chair), Tom Spence, Anita Payne (secretary), Al Telfissi, Gillian Scott, Wayne James, Norah Hall, Sue Maynard

Regrets: Rita Redner, Tammy Morrison, Irwin & Marcia Pencer

Everyone was welcomed and Paul and Anita agreed to be the chair and secretary, respectively.

No items were added to the agenda.

The approval of the minutes of May 27 and September 9 were tabled until the next meeting.


Continue selling the GSP 2017 calendars. They are $15 from a volunteer or $20 if ordered online (includes shipping). Contact Phill Brackenbury to obtain calendars to buy/sell.

October 22, 12:15pm next Ottawa group meeting for lunch at La Cabaña Restaurant, Merivale Road Ottawa

Sunday October 30 10:30 a.m. – presentation at Bethel United Church, Rideau Ferry Road – Paul, Phill and Tom will present.

Sunday Nov 6th – St James Anglican Church Perth at 10 am; potluck lunch to follow, everyone is invited, the GSP video will be shown.
Saturday Nov 12 – Ottawa Fundraising Event at the home of Otto and Anne Marie, contact Otto 613-247-1592 for tickets.
Sunday Nov 13th – St Paul’s United Church Perth at 10 am followed by coffee, the GSP video will be shown. Tom, Paul, and others to be on hand.

Friday, November 18 – Annual Fund Raising dance at Perth Civitan Club – with “Under the Covers” doors open at 7pm.
Posters and tickets were distributed. Phill will take posters to Gore St merchants next week.
All volunteers are asked to sign up to run the silent auction, sell crafts, collect money when the auction is over, etc.

Dec 3 – volunteers needed for GSP info/craft table at Fisher Park pop-up Christmas market, contact Janet or Liz

Dec 7 – Cheque presentation for LiUNA local183 in Toronto. They donate $5000 every year, Rita will be at the cheque presentation this year on behalf of GSP.

January 8, 2017 – The stove building workshop at Tom and Rita’s will start at 10 am followed by a potluck lunch and information meeting.

Rotary proposal update
Paul Hauraney spoke on our partnership with the Perth Rotary club. Jose sent out a detailed proposal outlining partnering on the build of 50 stoves. The Rotary Club will likely pay for about half of the stoves ($5 – 7,000).
Jose is participating in a competition being held by Global Alliance for Clean Cook Stoves in which they will donate 500 stoves to the winning organization. If Jose’s group (CEDEC) does not win the competition, the deposit money that was already sent will go towards building stoves.

Saturday January 28 – Saturday February 11, 2017 – A number of volunteers have already booked their flights and will be arriving in Guatemala about the same time. Some of the new volunteers have been interviewed.

Saturday, May 13, 2017 – Mother of a Dinner at Perth Lion’s Hall. Judy Dempsey is the chef again.


Thursday, September 22, 8:30 a.m. – Tom made a presentation to the Social Work class at Algonquin College in Perth; one of the students in attendance organized a fundraiser on October 13th. Students making a donation were given a button or other small item. Several scarves were also sold. $530 (two stoves) was raised.

Next GSP Volunteer Meeting: Friday, December 2, 2016 at 6:30 pm Coutts Coffee Shop, Codes Mill.

Paul moved to adjourn the meeting.


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