Minutes Sept 9, 2016




September 9, 2016



Tom Clarke, Rita Redner, Teri Henderson, Phil Brackenbury (chair), Janet Allen, Paul Hauraney, Tom Spence, Tammy Morrison (secretary), Keith Walker, Al Telfissi, Liisa Rissanen

Regrets: Anita Payne

Everyone was welcomed and Phil and Tammy agreed to be the chair and secretary, respectively.

The agenda was reviewed and a few items added.

The approval May 27 minutes were tabled until the next meeting.


Keith Walker provided an update on the Cantel Scholarships – the donation boxes at Barnabe’s Independent were very successful, the ones at Canadian Tire not so much. $900 was netted the 1st day from donations and selling crafts out front of Barnabe’s.

Paul Hauraney spoke on our partnership with the Perth Rotary club. The ribfest was quite successful this summer and due to the help from GSP volunteers, the Rotary has promised approximately $5 – 7,000 to partner with GSP on a project. Jose sent out a detailed proposal outlining partnering on the build of 50 stoves.

ACTION: Paul to present the translated version of Jose’s proposal to Sue Landry of Perth Rotary Club.


The 2017 calendars are ready. They are $15 from a volunteer or $20 if ordered online (includes shipping). Contact Phil Brackenbury to obtain calendars to buy/sell.

ACTION: Rita will contact Steev Morgan regarding online page for ordering calendars.

 The Steering Committee includes members of the Ottawa and Perth GSP volunteers and they will meet on either October 18 or 24 in Carleton Place at the Thruway Restaurant.

ACTION: Janet will send out detailed notice.

Thursday, September 22, 8:30 a.m. – presentation to the Social Work class at Algonquin College in Perth – contact Tom if you are able to join him

September 30 – Don Samuel leaves to return to Guatemala

Sunday October 30 10:30 a.m. – presentation at Bethel United Church Rideau Ferry Road – Paul and Tom will present – contact Tom if you would like to join them.

Friday, November 18 – annual fund raising dance at Perth Civitan Club – “Under the Covers” cover band has been booked to play. Otto’s Latino quartet will be the opening band. All hands are required to pull off this fundraiser i.e. run silent auction, sell crafts etc. Rita, Tom Spence, Paul, Phill agreed to be on the dance committee. An invitation to the dance can be sent out to people who attended the “Mother of a Dinner” as we have their contact info in a data base. Committee will meet Tuesday, September 13, 4 p.m. Atrium of Code’s Mill.

ACTION: Terri to send silent auction spreadsheet to Rita

ACTION: Tammy to contact St. Paul’s Church regarding November 20 presentation.

 ACTION: Paul to contact St. James Church regarding November presentation.

 Saturday January 28 – Saturday February 11, 2017 confirmed dates for next volunteer trip to Guatemala. There have been many early applicants and Paul will touch base with them. Phill advised of good rates now when booking flights with Avianca Airline. Rita and Tom will go early to document the stoves built.   Phill, Al, Terri, Tom Spence, Paul, Janet, Tammy, and Liisa all stated they would like to go on the trip this year. All volunteers must fill out the online application each year.

January 8, 2017 – stove building workshop at Tom and Rita’s

May 13, 2017 – Mother of a Dinner at Perth Lion’s Hall. Judy has agreed to cook dinner again and the hall has been booked. (free of charge).


May 30 – presentation by Samuel, Anita and Tom to UCW of Eastminster United Church in Belleville   was very successful

June 5 – GSP Annual General Meeting at McMartin house and potluck after at Phill’s was lovely.

June 26 – GSP volunteers manned 2 water/cheer stations for the Perth Kilt Run. $200 was received for each station and fun was had by all.

July     – GSP volunteers manned a booth at the Stewart Park Festival. The location was not the best and rain put a damper on things.

August – volunteers collected cans/bottles at Blue Skies Festival – approximately $1200 was earned and things went smoothly. We’re looking for a good “can crusher” for next year.

ACTION: Paul will purchase a 10 x 10 tent at Costco with walls to be used at festivals etc.

Next GSP Volunteer Meeting: Friday, October 21, 2016 6:30 pm Coutts Coffee Shop, Codes Mill

Paul adjourned meeting, Tom Spence seconded it.



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