Perth Minutes September 5, 2014

GSP General Meeting Sept 5, 2014

Those in attendance: Terri Henderson, Ken Morin, Janet Allen, Phill Brackenbury (chair), Al Teflissi, Rita Redner, Tom Clarke,

Paul Hauraney (minutes)

Regrets: Keith Walker, Sue Lightford, Graeme Fenwick, Marcia and Irwin Pencer, Jim Wallace, Nancy Wallace-Simpson, Joni Seligman. Meeting called to order 06:45pm.

No minutes to review from previous meeting at Phil’s house, therefore no action items either.

Action items for this meeting in red.

Discussion around an offer of information (presentation) concerning our upcoming trip to Guatemala in Feb 2015 for interested parties to be given at our next scheduled meeting on Friday, Oct 17 at Coutts and Co. At 06:30 pm. Phil offered to compose and publish a short public service add with Lake 88, EMC, The Humm, The Courier, etc. Janet mentioned the Ottawa group will do the same in Ottawa Citizen “Our Town”

Other Ottawa group activities include:

Janet spoke about the upcoming Ottawa Fundraiser on November 8 from 7:00-11:00pm at the home of Otto and Anne-Marie Navas tickets will be available at a cost of $50.00ea. A committee has been struck to plan this event which will highlight entertainment and a silent auction.

Janet, Judy, Jim N, Pierre and Liz are working on the 2015 calendar which will be released in time for the Ottawa and Perth November fundraisers. Many thanks to this group for putting the calendar together in this short time frame.

Janet will email the BOD the date of the next Ottawa group meeting.

A dance committee consisting of Rita, Terri, Al, Phill, Paul and any other interested parties has been established to coordinate and plan the Perth Fundraiser. Dance is scheduled for Saturday, Nov 15 at the Perth Civitan. Possible group playing may be Kobotown. Heatwave may be another possibility. Sue L has contacted Joel for other possibilities. Anyone else interested in helping may contact Paul or Rita. Rita will try to confirm Kobotown for this event. The dance committee planned to meet again at the Atrium Monday, September 15 at 04:30pm.

Tom mentioned we should have the Blue Skies bottle collection again this coming year. Event will be held on the August long weekend beginning July 31. Tom, Phill and Paul volunteered to help. Anyone interested in helping should contact Tom, Paul or Phill. Some camping passes for this event may be available to people who can help with collection.

Past events: Mention of another successful AGM with a wonderful pot luck supper hosted at Al and Sandra Teflissi’s beautiful home. Many thanks Al and Sandra!

Tom and Terri presented to a cottage group near Arden called Wildwood who hold an informal worship service on Sundays. About 30 people in attendance donated 3-4 stoves.

Sue L may arrange a table at Lanark County Interval House Craft fair about the first week of November. Sue will keep us informed by email.

Phill will try to contact Linda McLaren to determine her interest in our February excursion to Guatemala

Next Meeting is Friday, Oct 17 at Coutts Coffee Emporium, 06:30pm.

Meeting adjourned 07:45pm moved by Rita seconded by Paul

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